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WE LOVE ANIMALS! and we want to do everything we can to make sure that every pet gets an equal opportunity at life. We actively donate time and services to local refuge homes for both dogs and cats and love to get involved with pets in our local community. Especially Rescues!!


HAART are a Not-For-Profit Charitable organisation that saves the lives of hundreds of animals each year, supported only by the generosity of the general public for our funding.HAART don’t have a premises with hundreds of animals awaiting adoption. Instead, they have a team of dedicated foster carers – people just like yourselves – who take scared, abused, and unwanted animals into their homes, give them the gift of life, and love them like their own, until we find them the perfect forever home.


Greyhound Adoptions WA is a non profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. We support a ‘no kill’ policy, placing no restrictions on the temperament of the dogs that are brought onto our care.When a dog is surrendered to us they are booked in for vet work and then moved straight into foster care. From there our Adoption Co-coordinators will match the dogs, based on the character and behavioral assessments provided by their foster carer, to waiting adoptive families. Not all the dogs listed on our Website or our Social media pages are an exhaustive list of the dogs we have in foster care. There can be anything up to 50 dogs in foster care at any one time.

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