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At Prosperity Pet we are pretty excited about the opportunity to help make the lives of pets as good as they can be. We know ‘what they are is what they eat’ and we are helping to make sure they are always at their best. Our approach to pet nutrition incorporates current science, practical feeding options, and consideration of pet culinary preference.

There is an increasing trend towards preparation of bespoke meals for our canine and feline companions. In some circles this is referred to as the ‘raw revolution’. Prosperity Pet has developed a range of supplements for discerning pet owners to balance home formulated diets and provide nutritional support in specifically demanding situations. Our products are formulated to appeal to the most fastidious pet.

The pet food industry has invested an incredible amount in research to ensure that commercial diets meet the basic nutrient requirements of our best friends. Nutritional diseases are rare when pets are fed good quality commercial diets. Heavily processed ‘fast food’ makes our lives easy but the convenience comes at a price. The diversity, appeal and health benefit of ‘raw food’ have no genuine alternative. Well-being and weight management are simply an extension of a natural diet and an appropriate exercise program.

We have discovered that benefits are conferred by natural diets to people and pets alike. Long term studies by Finnish researchers have established that health benefits of natural diets for dogs begin to accrue at a minimum inclusion of approximately 25% of their diet. This is good news for those that prepare some of the meals for their pets and great news for those who manage to make all of them but we need to make sure we get it right.

Domestic dogs and cats have evolved from wild predators and developed narrower nutritional tolerances than people. ‘Wild’ foods are a thing of the past and modern meals for pets are based on fresh foods that are not always nutritionally complete. Since we all want the best for them and we want them to be fit and healthy for as long as possible, Prosperity Pet provides the missing link for fresh meat and vegetable meals.

Prosperity Pet’s dietary supplements are based on the nutrient recommendations of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). AAFCO is recognised as the world authority on dietary requirements of dogs and cats. Balancing the proportion of the diet prepared from fresh ingredients in line with their recommendations.

We know that not every pet enjoys the luxury of consistent great health and Prosperity Pet has also developed supplements for specific applications. The range is formulated to ensure adequacy of nutrients involved in metabolic support of situations involving extra demand. Skin conditions, joint disease and social adjustment are issues that often confront pets in modern life and can be assisted by targeted nutrition. Early growth and geriatric senescence are phases of development that cause increased demand for micro-nutrients.

Prosperity Pet is a socially and environmentally aware business. Prosperity Pet is committed to supporting pets that are less fortunate than our own. Prosperity Pet uses the maximum amount of ingredients from natural and sustainable sources. Each product is complemented by the benefits of selected botanicals and natural extracts.

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